Scope of Services

Fund Formation Advice
  • Assistance on fund formation
  • Review and comment on fund formation documents
  • Coordination with appropriate service providers

Fund Pre-launch Support

  • Establishment of fund operational flow
  • Provision of standard administration agreement
  • Briefing of subscription procedure for counterparties during initial offering period

Fund Accounting

  • Maintenance of full set of accounting records
  • Reconciliation of trades and cash
  • Calculation of net asset value
  • Coordination of audit and draft audit financial statement
  • Fee calculation and settlement

Transfer Agency Services

  • Processing of subscription and redemption requests
  • Preparation and issuance of subscription and redemption confirmation
  • Preparation and issuance of shareholder statement to investors
  • Maintenance of the register of investors
  • Performance of anti-money laundering (AML)/investor identification checks

FATCA and CRS Services

  • Application of GIIN
  • Set up in AEOI
  • Collection of FATCA and CRS information from investors
  • Response to FATCA request per client instruction
  • FATCA annual reporting as per requirement
  • CRS annual reporting as per requirement
  • Periodical review of FATCA and CRS record of investors